last night on earth


if you knew me in 7th grade I’m sorry



Hello is this the police? Someone made up a post on tumblr for notes. Yeah, it didn’t even happen, they just did it for notes


I just filled up an entire notecard with tiny handwriting before realizing I cannot read it

community college tips


  • don’t talk to anybody 
  • don’t make eye contact
  • avoid the cafeteria because they will probably be doing a flash mob to current viral song
  • transfer
  • the guy who constantly tries to play devils advocate with the teacher  and sound philosophical whenever he speaks actually is failing the class but it doesn’t matter because grades doesn’t determine his self worth only upvotes matter

Oh neat I just won $1000


spookymeevs: you can have a different lizard delivered to your door every month

by delivered to your door i mean slipped through your mail slot, set loose in your house you trash

and it’s not every month it’s every day




there is not one search term here that isn’t magical

i know ive reblogged this before at least twice but i decided to read through the entire thing this time and im in pain from how hard i am laughing please forgive me

'Im hella erect'


Audrey Hepburn for ‘Sabrina’, 1954.

Ayn Rand


Ayn Rand goes up to the counter and allows her tall, handsome, brooding companion to order her espresso macchiato for her. “This establishment is the very epitome of capitalism, and for that we must recognize and applaud it,” he says. “The free market is victorious every time someone orders a coffee. Big business is the cornerstone on which America was destined to thrive.” They take their coffee to go, because they need to catch a train.